“Dad…. I miss you so much”

“Dad… I miss you so much”. If you as a father for that girl, what should you do? Leave your work in comfortable zone or you find another reason to explained, why you should leave her for work far. I’ve never finding answer for this, or I was a fool? I’ve never know until in the last 1 month behind, my daughter ask me. Wow… so unpredictable, and I have no answer for it.

Me & My Beloved Daughter

Me & My Beloved Daughter

It’s almost for 3 years I’ve leaving my beloved family and for 3 years I’ve been worked in mining industries. Many people always say, there is much people want to be joint with us. We’ll never know why there is unpredictable situation in this industries, even tough in comfortable zone. As a welding engineer I proud as a part for most biggest heavy equipment manufacture in Japan country.

I glad for every moment and situation as a part of welding division member in Sengatta project, Satui project and Adaro Project. I’m very glad for every moment for travelling all around this country for execute that job as a NDT Inspector or as welding supervisor also as an advisor for new project and new case such as broken boom in asam-asam coal mine project. I’m glad for every moment travelling and knew company member all area. I’ve a lot of friend from this company. I’ve enjoyed being part of your team and have worked alongside some fabulous people. I also appreciate the way all of you have supported me in my personal and professional development within my services period.

Conveying all of you an adieu message is really difficult after over almost the past 3 years of exciting and remarkable stint with this Project. I will pursue for finish my post graduate in Jakarta, taking up this offer surely was not an easy decision to make but I felt I was ready for a new challenge in my career beside to serve my new small family that located near my future workplace better which I neglected in the last 3 years as my primary background to leave. Even though I will miss you all here. I am looking forward to start a new chapter in my life.Thank you for allowing me to serve in this company and for all the opportunity, experience, knowledge and new skill I have during my employment.

My Beloved Family

My Beloved Family

Anything is possible, so let’s talk about the future. Life is must go on, Isn’t it…?
Asta luego my friend….
Minna san, Sayonara..
See you…


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