Selamat Jalan Rinduku

Selamat Jalan Rinduku

Selamat Jalan Rinduku

Pagi hari,
Mengapa parasmu dingin, begitu mengiris hati…

Siang hari,
Mengapa panasmu terik, menyengat sekujur tubuh…

Sore hari,
Mengapa senjamu kejam, menguap tanpa mega…

Malam hari,
Semuanya hilang, terpendar bersama mataharimu…


Akhir Juli, 1998


11 thoughts on “Selamat Jalan Rinduku

      • Hello! I just got back from Europe last night! Sorry for the late reply! Where are you from? I would love to visit your country and post beautiful pictures ! My Italy trip is now up on the blog and I’m back to blogging every day again! Hope to hear from you! XOXO

      • Sorry for late reply Chy. I’m come from Indonesia. The most beautifull island in the world. Did you know Bali island, Bunaken park and Raja Ampat or Komodo dragon? There is a many natural wonders in Indonesia you should visit.

      • I’ve always wanted to go to Bali! I saw a lot of beautiful photos already and I really want to go ! Hopefully soon! My March giveaway is till going on. Have you entered already? Also, I just posted a little something for the brand Marc Jacobs! Im SO excited!! Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO

      • Sorry for the late reply Chy, I’m preparing to finish my master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Indonesia is not just Bali. Many places throughout Indonesia I have ever explored like Lombok island, Raja Ampat, Derawan Island, Tanjung lesung and many more.

      • Hello, no worries! I’ve been busy with college too! I hope you are doing well? New post would be up in an hour! I’ll announce my giveaway winner! Yay! Hope to hear from you soon? Take care too! XOXO

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